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Timers for Sporting Shooters

New Release: Version 4.3.6

What’s New in Version 4.3.6? A Deep Dive into the Latest Updates

In the world of technology, consistent improvement and updates are the keys to reliability and enhanced user experience. The latest update to our software, version 4.3.6, introduces a range of bug fixes and new features designed to streamline your experience and ensure smoother operation. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new and improved.

Enhanced Brightness Settings for AMOLED Devices

One of the standout improvements in this update is aimed at users with AMOLED devices. We’ve fixed a bug that now allows the backlight to turn on to 50% brightness when the time remaining is less than 15 seconds. This feature is particularly useful in low-light conditions, ensuring that users can still interact with their devices without any hassle.

Match Settings Sync Corrected

Previously, users experienced issues where matches remained visible on their watches even after being disabled from the settings. Version 4.3.6 addresses this inconsistency, ensuring that your settings are perfectly mirrored on your device, enhancing the personalization and efficiency of the interface.

Stability Improvements

The update also resolves a critical issue that caused the IQ app to crash unexpectedly. Users can now enjoy a more stable experience without interruptions.

GPS Functionality Restored

For those who rely on Activity Recording features, this update is particularly important. The restored GPS functionality now records your location only as long as necessary to obtain a reliable reading. This saves battery life whilst still ensuring that the match location in recorded in Garmin Connect.

Compliance Checks for Time Sequences

We have improved compliance checks for manually entered time sequences. This enhancement ensures that your entries are accurate and meet the required standards without additional input or correction, streamlining your interactions and saving time.

Introduction of The Komache Feature

A notable addition in this update is the Komache Feature. This new functionality allows users to skip PlusMode and jump straight to the timer countdown. It’s an invaluable tool for scenarios where a user forgets to start the timer as targets turn away, providing a seamless and forgiving user interface. Pushing the MENU/UP button during the PlusMode countdown will skip the remaining PlusMode time and jump straight to the match time sequence.