wristMT (Wrist Match Timer) is an application for Garmin Fenix Series smart watches targeted at sporting pistol shooters who participate in WA1500PPC1500, Australian Service Pistol, NPA Police Pistol (PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4), Super Magnum, NPA Carry / Pocket,  and ISSF shooting. wristMT is fantastic for training both on and off the range with dedicated training drills built in. The application features a large daylight readable timer display with the ability to easily switch between time series on the firing line as the match progresses. 

Additional features such as Plus Mode allow the shooter to return their concentration to the match at an earlier stage but also extend the capability and usability of wristMT both on and off the range. Shooters can quite easily use wristMT to shoot an entire match independent of any range infrastructure such as turning targets and range timers. The same functionality allows shooters to train at home or other locations and be alerted via audible and vibratory feedback that the match firing time sequence has started and stopped. Use wristMT to practice drawing from the holster, aiming and acquiring the sight picture, squeezing the trigger (dry firing) and know whether the shots are all away within the allocated time.

wristMT leverages some of the fitness features of the Garmin watches and can record metrics such as heart rate, steps taken, and distance walked during the shooting matches.

wristMT is available for download from the Garmin App Store. A fully function 30 day trial is offered. An unlocked version of the app can be purchased from Dugong Technology to permanently unlock the application and enable full functionality.

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Find out all about wristMT and its powerful features that will help you in both training and competition

Get The App

The app is available from the Garmin Connect App Store. Download the fully functional free trial now.


You should download and install the trial version of wristMT before attempting to unlock the application.

To unlock:-

  1. click the red Unlock Now button below. This will redirect you to the Garmin Apps Store wristMT page.
  2. Click the Blue Unlock button next to the Download button. This will take you to the Dugong Technology eCommerce website. Complete the checkout process and wait to be redirected back to the Garmin App Store.
  3. The blue Unlock button should have disappeared leaving the Download button only. Click on Download to download and install the unlocked version of wristMT.
Troubleshooting: Some users have reported that it may be necessary to remove wristMT from the watch before downloading and installing the unlocked version.

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