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PlusMode Enhancements

Version 4.3.0 of wristMT PRO was released today which introduces some changes to the the PlusMode functionality. The previous PlusMode menu allowing the selection of PlusMode: Off, Plus3, or Plus7 has been replaced. Users can now select PlusMode Off, or a value between 1 and 10.
This will give users greater flexibility to tailor wristMT to local range operating conditions.
With the increased flexibility of additional PlusMode times comes some tradeoffs. In this case the two PlusMode icons showing whether Plus3 or Plus7 had been selected have been replaced on LE (Legacy Edition) versions with a clock and plus sign as shown below. Users will now need to look into the watch menu to verify the actual PlusMode value.
NOTE: Users should check their PlusMode value and any custom settings they may have as it’s possible that this update will reset them to default values. Best find that out before you’re standing on the firing line.
P.S. I managed to squeeze this update into the last available bytes of memory on older watches so it’s also available to users of the LE (Legacy Edition) versions of wristMT.
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