Introducing wristMT PRO Beta


Introducing wristMT PRO Beta

We trust this message finds you well and thriving in your shooting pursuits. Today, we are thrilled to unveil the beta release of our cutting-edge shooting timer, wristMT PRO, a product designed to revolutionize your training experience!


wristMT PRO is not just a timer; it’s a comprehensive solution crafted to support 9 different pistol and rifle shooting disciplines, with the versatility to easily extend its capabilities to cover more.

New User Interface

Key Features


  1. Support for Multiple Disciplines: wristMT Pro is tailored to support 9 different pistol and rifle shooting disciplines, and is built on a versatile platform that can effortlessly be extended to support even more. Train across various disciplines with a single, adaptable device.

  2. Customizable Time Sequences: Take control of your training sessions with 10 user-customizable time sequences and the ability to customize all internal time sequences. Adapt wristMT Pro to your unique needs, ensuring your practice aligns perfectly with your shooting style. More information is available here:

  3. Time Slice Feature: Monitor match progress seamlessly with the innovative “Time Slice” feature, displaying your timer’s progress through a colored pie chart. This visual representation allows users to get feedback on timer progress using their peripheral vision.

  4. Haptic Feedback: Stay focused on your shooting experience with the introduction of haptic feedback. Feel the subtle vibrations, eliminating the need to glance at your watch to determine whether the timer has started or stopped.

  5. Enhanced User Interface on Modern Garmin Watches (Epix and Fenix 7): wristMT Pro integrates seamlessly with modern Garmin watches, including the Epix and Fenix 7. The user interface has been revised and makes use of the curved text features available in newer models, enhancing readability and decluttering the interface. Font scaling ensures that the timer text is maximized, automatically adjusting to fill the screen.

  6. Updates for Older Model Watches (Fenix 5 and Fenix 6): Even users with older model watches are in for an enhanced experience! Font sizes have been optimized, icons have been updated, and the main display prominently features the time at the top of the screen, ensuring you’re always on time for your match. A new battery indicator at the 3 o’clock position ensures you’re always aware of the battery state.

  7. Additional Information Lines on Main Display: wristMT Pro’s main display now includes two additional lines of information to help identify matches and provide status updates. This enhancement simplifies differentiation between matches with similar time sequences, enhancing overall usability.

  8. Advanced Activity Monitor with GPS Location Data: Dive deeper into your training with the upgraded activity monitor, now featuring GPS location data. Track heart rate, steps taken, cadence, local temperature, and GPS location. Analyze these metrics for valuable insights into how your body performs during both training and competition